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Monday, May 3, 2010

Immigration Problems

Immigration is a problem for America right now, is this a problem that seeks to undermine the very existence of America? The fact that this is a problem, directly shows the sheer ignorance of those whom believes this is a problem. Genetics is a very fine science, as is evolution, I am stumbling ahead of myself, I will touch on this a little later. Immigration, has been a problem since we as human beings have roamed this planet. It is an obvious fact that, as we have migrated away from our original borders, we as a race have quickly accelerated towards a global society that has continued to prosper, in both culture, and knowledge.

Immigration was a severe problem for the Native Americans whom inhabited the North American continent, across the continent their population was decimated. However those whom survived are stronger and wiser than ever before. It is possible that genetic codes are unlocked, as the human population spreads across the globe. This could unlock certain stored knowledge, where it could only be unlocked when two people whom in a divided world would have never met, hindering the prosperity of man kind itself.

The fact is geneticist cannot really tell you this is not a fact. It is common knowledge that hate groups thrive with ignorance, is it not. It is as if they directly seek to undermine the prosperity of man kind, I think no one would doubt that for one minute. Most of us believe in destiny as well, is it a coincidence that as mankind travels the globe, and reveals hidden continents man kind quickly discovers atomic energy, and the electromagnetic effects for various applications. I have a theory, that states two people of different cultures of different continents each hold a piece of a genetic code, that when combined act as a key, unlocking various regions of the brain, or even advances in evolution itself. I believe most religious people would agree that when their specific messiah returns, immigration would be a problem at all.

GOD knows no borders, we are the only organic beings on this planet that recognize such things, as borders, for they only seek to divide us. The immigration problem is no worse than it was 50 years ago, or 1000 years ago for that fact. The downward spiraling economy is the thing that has changed. If we divide ourselves we do nothing more than sustain a nation of ignorance, and racism. If we applied the same laws to birds that we apply to ourselves, most every species of bird would be extinct within 2 years. This immigration problem is not our problem, it is those whom enacts the laws on the borders problems, to take such a fruitless problem on your shoulders only acts to hinder your own personal growth.

If an immigrant comes to work and the American corporation hires him even a small business owner, that is not the immigrants problem, it is the person whom is doing the hiring, is it not. It is time we hold the right people's responsible for once, for if we do not we will be like every other nation that could not face change and imploded all together, you have two choices help undermine America, or help unite it in an evolution into a new world order, the choice is yours.

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