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Monday, May 17, 2010

The New World Religion! How Good is a New World Religion Anyway?

Yes I have been slowly building up to this. Why, because I know right now, opposite forces are at work to unite the world against itself. A person on the web ask me the other day, "dude where do you get all of this information?" I really have no good answer, 20 some odd years of observing, observing what? everything! Literally, every world religion, human history, social dynamics in groups, psychology of the individual, and my very dysfunctional family dynamic, which I now understand is perfectly normal. We are all dysfunctional, it is where we go from that dysfunction, that truly matters. For most people wallow in their own ego, this inhibits human growth. Indulging in one's ego, is like a mental disease, knowledge will merely elude you. This just so happens to be a great plague in our consuming society today. Greed feeds off of this plague, this plague will be the root of mankind's destruction.

I often say division is the problem, for in the past mankind was whole, untied. However in man's pursuit of power, we were dismantled. The knowledge separated across the planet, each ethnic group and their religion, holding a piece of the puzzle, to be put back together, in the future. Well my friends the future has arrived. Evil holds a stake in keeping us divided. For divided we cannot stand. The title of this particular blog is, The New World Religion, Let me first state that GOD lies at the heart of this religion, no man, no higher organic, or dimensional being, for it is GOD who resides in the highest, peering down, acting as the glue holding everything together.

I answered a question the other day from someone who ask, Does GOD really exist, well my friend we cannot start the new, and final religion, without GOD. This new religion will have to go one step further as well, evolving belief, into factual knowledge. So let me answer this question, Does GOD really exist? This was my answer. GOD exist in the highest dimension. GOD is present, within all of us, GOD is every where in this visible Universe. However because our body lies in two realms this realm the visible organic universe, and the Spiritual realm, where our soul exist. This second realm is the realm where our understanding of GOD is. The people who understand this realm, and resist this organic world, have a better concept of GOD. GOD gave us a choice, this choice implies the choice not to think, or believe in GOD.

It would be like a deep sea shark asking, if Humans exist why do they not show themselves. Well that is easy, it is because they lie in a realm where we allow them to be sharks, we let them live, the deep sea is for them, the land is for us. Our only job is to preserve their environment. Crude example but it makes the point. GOD first of all lives within the billions and billions of Angels within this universe, human Angels are just one kind, and as of right now are few and far between. GOD s gift to us, is not knowing in GOD s existence, so if you want to live free without GOD you can. The spiritual dimension, is a realm in which communication with GOD is more direct. GOD is at the top looking down. Tethering everything together, for us to live, in this organic world, Thank you GOD, the spiritual realm is great, but this organic realm, is fascinating, this I assure you. How can I know such things one may ask, is it because I died and came back, is it because of LSD, is it that I simply listen to my spirit, I am thankful and do not really care.

Science has proven every fact in which I present, I have been waiting for a couple of theory's, to come to fruition for my proof, well my friend they have. String theory is the proof of the tethering effect, this effect is what ties our spirit into our bodies though complex fields generated within our blood. M theory explains a lot. The amazing thing is I drew that picture years before M theory was ever put fourth. This is all the proof I need. Science is all about repetition for proof, well my friends, I came up with the same Idea, other people came to across the globe. What are the odds of that. I was elated when I heard this, I had been right. As history will show I am right about everything!!!!!!!!!! I find it so fascinating that we exist on two planes of reality.

I also know that our government already knows half, if not all of what I am telling you. Now your just paranoid you might say, well why would they attempt to hide the knowledge, of life after death, and of GOD. Easy power, when this knowledge comes out it will undermine, everything we know. Say I hold the patent on the microwave. What if I found out an advanced civilization, created that device a billion years ago, is that really MY patent. Einsteins theory should have undermined it anyway. As he stated E=MC squared, Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. It is funny, because I still do not think most people understand the implications of this fact. This fact holds that GOD created the microwave in the beginning and we do not create anything, we merely discover, or uncover things. Like I say everything you think does not exist does, because we cannot conceive anything outside our own universe. I do not know how you may react reading this for me it is common knowledge. It does get touchy considering we reside in two realms, however most of us choose to only acknowledge the world in which we see.

Where to go from here, I know things that will blow your mind. I have always stated, where most people believe I know, I always smirk at people when talking about things like UFO's, this is a sin however. To hide knowledge is to seek power, to seek power is the root to evil, the quickest and most direct route to every evil. This is why I cannot just sit around, and smirk at you. I could tell you that our solar system is changing, and perhaps man kind will face trials ahead. I could give proof like the recent earthquake that actually changed the earths axis. This by chance my not be relevant, however the fact that our own magnetic field is 10 percent weaker, and in reversal, does mean something, I assure you. This along with our change in our social world, the election of the first black president, a wiser and more destructive human race.

What does this mean, only time will tell, we should rejoice in my opinion. Just because our human organic bodies my be released back to the earth our spirit, will go on, and on. Unless you happen to get sucked into a black hole, there you may stay for a while, ejected from this universe. It is my understanding that, we have a choice, to ascend, having lived on this earth as an Angel, and ascend with them. As I always say, for some of us, some other civilization in another time, on another world perhaps, even a different galaxy, the beings will look up, and wonder about the UFO's see in the sky's. We will look down and smile, remembering that time we ask the same question. For now I will end it with that, as a New World Religion cannot be created in a day. Let us remember that this religion is the conversion of all ancient religions.

It's been awhile having studied more religions and theories I have finally realized that Christianity is the way. We should all work to convert the world to Christianity. I now realize why the elect are working so hard to destroy Christianity, because it is the truth. While I still say we should not judge religions I now say that we should work together and show each other the one true way, the way of Christ. I will link the work I wrote that made me come to this final conclusion well it is a series of works I will post below.

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